Adventure in Sakeleshpur

I had to go to Bangalore by the midweek for a training given in my office and to my fortune I had a public holiday followed by a weekend after my Training. I dint want to let go off these days sitting idle at home. So me and my hubby planned for an adventurous trip and searched for weekend getaway near Bangalore.

 That’s when we got reminded of our nearly extinct relative who had a beautiful estate in Sakeleshpur. We packaged our stuff and headed towards Sakeleshpur along with my cousin and family. Sakleshpur is located on NH – 48, which connects Bangalore and Mangalore. It is 225 km from Bangalore and 130 km from Mangalore and is a place which is lush and green. We found the weather to be considerably cold even in this time of the year, which is assumed to be one of the hottest months of India. After a series of bends and turns and greeneries we finally reached the 40 acre estate by 9pm. We were delighted to see the campfire already set for us. What more can we ask for.. after the dinner we spent hours together soaking in the cold weather and warm camp fire.

The estate was bestowed with the best gifts of Mother Nature. After a night’s sleep along with forest insects and a small rat in the cottage we were woken up by the humming of cuckoos and lovely whistling of unknown bird in the midst of the woods. We then had a sumptuous village breakfast (kind of cup shaped rava idlis) served by the locals in the estate. Later we planned to trek inside the thickest of forest. We trekked our way into the coffee, cardamom and pepper plantation into the deep forest, where we had to cut down the bushes with an axe to make our way inside.

The trekking was a much memorable experience as we trekked alongside ponds, small water falls. It was a much needed physical activity after sluggish corporate work, were we are pinned as a couch potato to our cabin and desktop.

After the high adrenalin sport and recharged by Natures peace and harmony, we felt geared up to face and battle against the heat and pollution and chaos of Chennai again.

Sakeleshpur is one place I would recommend for people who search for a quick getaway from Bangalore and for those who has a passion for trekking and celebrating Raw Nature with not much sophistication.


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