An Agonizing Anger


           It’s really agonizing to know that child labor does exist in India at large and its right in front of you. It’s a surprise that child labor is even prevalent  in places where educated masses  who boast proudly about education, freedom, India’s economic growth , liberalization etc. are able to tolerate or wisely overlook that their work place employs children as office boys, in their cafeteria  for cleaning vessels  and as coffee boys and many such despicable jobs.

It distressed me when I saw three young guys from Nepal, Ariyalur and Bihar working as domestic aid in my office which is in a SEZ. When questioned, I learnt that they were compelled by their family situation for the dire need of money and food, which they had to provide by working here. It’s such an awful state to see children do these chores instead spending their childhood playing merrily and studying.

On approaching  my office admin regarding this, he carelessly answered that it wasnt us but  the contracted food caterer  who employs them.  No one really cares or seems responsible for the social injustice  done against the poor lads. I was also advised not to blow it further since these guys might lose this job and land up doing something more filthier and also will be unable to support their family.

 I am clueless. I am no Kiran bedi to go head on with these ppl but at the same time  I am unable to tolerate the fate of these guys and say chalo chaltha hai…


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