To Be Or Not To Be

To do or not to… To be or not to be… These are the questions that we desperately try to find an answer for… I am no exception. The best decisions in our lives will be taken when we least expect it.  The same was the case with me when I was stuck up with my office to which I have to travel almost 2 hours every day to and fro. It’s almost 40 Km from my place of stay. I become so worn out by the time I reach home and preparing dinner after all this seems like a punishment every day. Though my office is fun, I don’t have any work most of the days I do not have a feeling of belongingness to it. Though initially I did hate the office to the core now I have started liking it mainly because of the friends I have got and also the ample free time I have here.

I have now been bounced by a new job offer from a big IT giant and it seems so tempting to say no to the offer considering the package, my role and also the job location “Bangalore”. I loved Bangalore for many reasons, the weather (having literally burnt myself to death in Chennai), the people, the spirit they have towards living the life to the fullest.  

Having settled at last that Bangalore is my destiny for next few years, now it’s my husband’s turn to ring the bell for “To be or not to be”.  After so much of discussions, thought process he finally nodded yes for Bangalore. I am so excited about the fact. Change does revive the spirit. I always believe in change and never settle down and rust in comfort of acquaintance. I am happy Aravind and I love to explore new avenues, appreciate change and be vibrant, cheerful, and more positive and strong especially after our trip to London, Scotland and Cambridge. The trip served as an inspiration to us to reach greater heights and lead a better lifestyle…

“Let go off the past and go for the future. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined.”

– Henry David Thoreau


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