My Discovery of Beauty

I had been a beauty fanatic during my school and college days. I used to spend hours together admiring myself in the mirror, smiling to myself, grooming myself. I did staunchly believe that people love you if you look good. I loved myself a lot.

It was then I met my hubby and we fell in love with each other. He is a very handsome guy and despite the fact that we shared a very special bond, I was proud that he was handsome and he did like my looks.

Like most fairness products ad’s today, I used to pester him how much he loves me and what he likes the most in me (physically) and his only answer, no matter how well I twist this question would be “ You are my Baby”. I dint really get this and used to think he diverts the topic when I speak about my looks?  Being a cancerian, who fluctuates between mood swings, I felt may be he has lost interest in me, maybe I don’t look good these days or am I not matching up to his expectations.

No matter what beauty product I tried to desperately show my skin more glowing, he used to be the same person as he has always been, so caring, sweet and genuine. Though I knew we both love each other like crazy, I always wanted to be the best. Over time as we got to know each other better and our bond grew stronger against the hassles and struggles we had to face in life together. We still were able to appreciate small happiness in life amidst sorrow. Then I realized there isn’t anything called being THE BEST or Being a BEAUTY QUEEN.

Beauty is Love. The purest and unconditional love that you shower upon people be it your husband, your parents, your friends, smallest of deeds like  feeling bad for others sorrows, just by saying thanks for the people who serve you, speaking to your maid about her child’s education, in all making people feel special and cared, makes you beautiful. You evolve as a beautiful person and you will start feeling good about yourself.

I have evolved  from a rugged, adamant, confined  person who spits poison through words and hurt my loved ones by hurting myself to a person who is more calm and composed, trying to analyze things, making genuine effort to make at least my dear ones feel loved, cared and feel special. Thanks to my hubby for transforming me and making me realize the beauty of love, I feel like a new me in our 5  years of togetherness. I now feel I am Beautiful, Yes from within.

I am glad that Yahoo and Dove contest served as a platform to share and recollect my views about the same.

We all feel and are made felt beautiful in our own ways . Arent we?


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