Death by Boredom

Today was a very boring day. It all started with a power cut waking me up from my cozy sleep early in the morning (by 9.. come on its weekend). I know…how annoying!!! I waited for the power to return back in an hour, still snuggling in the bed, not wanting to face the sun. Finally unable to bear the sultriness I got up only to learn that today was a total shut down. Ohh No.. All my dreams of spending my weekend in the comfort of AC were blown away.

Arvi suggested that we could spend the afternoon in a mall until the power returns. I was so excited that I dint have to cook lunch..Alas we never went as he was too much engrossed surfing the net and reading magazines. I ended up cooking. To our mercy the power came by 5 pm. Felt so lousy for having wasted the whole day doing nothing, not even tidying up the house.

What next.. How about going to landmark to get a book? Sounds good! But he is so glued to his idiot box for IPL finals (I am not a big fan of cricket). I accept defeat finally… I give up!! I tried in vain to make my day happening but succumbed to futility.

Anyway I came across this vid while grazing the net and wanted to share with u guys. Hope u like it.


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