A Night Bird’s Choice

The morning alarm blared its annoying noise and I switched off the damn thing almost at once. Having spent a sleepless night with low voltage issues in Chennai humidity, the last thing I wanted to do was to rise early. I snuggled under my blanket in the early morning fog, feeling happy that I have won over my rebellious alarm and went back to my glorious sleep. The pleasure of sleeping those extra few minutes after your alarm goes off is something beyond words. I could feel a distant buzz resonate in my brain asking me to do my yoga, cook breakfast and start early to office.

I appeased myself saying No that’s not for me. I wasn’t able to sleep well yesterday! I travelled a lot for the past few days! I had a terrible headache as soon as my boss asked me if I could work this Saturday!!  I haven’t become too fat yet for my oversized clothes to forfeit my sleep doing Yoga. I can have my food in my office cafeteria. No one would scold me for coming late to office, no one is on time. Come on you badger brain… Stop yanking me for some time…

Arvi calling: Priyaaaa Know what’s on news today? Shahid and Bebo have patched up again…

Me: What the ??? 

I choose to wake up all at once.

It’s my choice that vanquished my laziness. Choice is the catalyst for change. It can elevate us to heroic heights or hurl us to disgrace.


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