Absenteeism – A Taboo

Vivek:  I am on leave tomorrow and day after. I am on vacation after a long time.

Geetha:  oh good. But dint you take leave some time back as well.

Vivek: Ya I was sick then

Geetha: I am afraid if you have any leaves left for you to take

Vivek: I still have my earned leaves which I could use

Geetha: Doesn’t your boss get furious about your regular absenteeism?

Vivek: What do you mean by Regular absenteeism?

Geetha: well, like how you have been  taking leaves, at least once every month default.

Vivek:    Ya but leaves are for us to take. what’s the point in cashing on your leaves. I don’t take uninformed ones. I keep my boss informed prior about my absence.

Geetha:  That’s your point of view. I was awarded Best employee of the year mainly because I haven’t taken a single leave the whole year.

Vivek: Wow!!Awesome!! But Know what? I pity you. If that’s the reason you have been given that award you must really feel bad about yourself and for the organization you work for. The organizations must appreciate work life balance and the work you do and not reward people for selling their leaves.  I don’t think we are laborers to punch in our cards every day, else we are denied wages. By the way there is a very big difference between wages and salary.

Most people today believe that being absent from work  is a taboo and they feel that they get demeaned if they afford to take an off.  Employees must be judged based on their skill and not for their utilization of their leaves.  Of course being absent to refrain from your responsibilities is condemnable but taking leaves for legitimate reasons is in no way unethical.  The common practice amongst most Indians is to accumulate leaves to either carry forward it for the next year or to encash them. Its rueful to find employees being asked to come on work even on days like Republic day, Diwali, Independence day, day of election etc. or enticing employees that those willing to work on these days will be provided a double pay.

When people realize that they are belittled by this overcast idea and when Organizations believe on work life balance, that’s when both the parties would get benefited mutually.


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