Order of the Hour

Yesterday night at 11, I got reminded that I need to wake up early tomorrow since my CEO is flying to our office for a convergence meeting. So we had to be assembled by 8:30 in the morning. I messaged my Mom to wake me up early today, since u, know I am really not a morning bird. Waking up early and starting to office by 7 was indeed great, No traffic hungama and with the cool breeze with a faint ray of sunlight reviving your skin from the mushy night.

After reaching office I found My CEO and few other biggies having their lecture prepared, which I strongly believed would aid as a lullaby for us to sleep. But to my surprise it was quiet interesting. Though I cannot share intricate parts of the meeting, I thought of sharing few things that I really liked Though what they spoke was something that we all know, still the way it was presented by the biggies were exceptional.

Passion:  Success demands passion. Passion drives a person to manifest greater ability to realize his/her dreams and goals faster. Passionate people actually come in and achieve something but they do it in a way that gives them enormous fulfillment personally as well. In any sport, profession or activity, you can easily pick out the people who are passionate from the rest of the crowd, this is because they are passionate about what they are doing and hence achieve greatness.

Take Pele for an instance. For those who love soccer, Pele is a GOD. Pele’s performance transcends the performance of any ordinary human scale. While he played, Brazil won the World cup, 3 times in 12 years. He is arguably the greatest football player of all times with 1281 goals in 1363 matches. His exuberance and passion for his sport has glorified him from being a superstar to a mythical figure.

 Initiative: Initiative must be self-driven and not the order of the hour. Initiative could be anything from being proactive to your customer in finding their pain areas which they themselves failed to realize and providing a solution for it or something as simple as pepping up your life by planning for a trip to get some air out of your mundane lifestyle. Well we never venture to the railway station and say take me wherever you want to take me. Instead we must be the train that carries itself and others to their destination. In other words transform yourself to be the person who propels yourself and others to colossal heights.

 Perspective:  Its not bizarre when we find any light skinned gal/guy to be mistaken for a Northie in down south. Though when they speak the native language they will be responded with English or Hindi since they have already perceived that this guy should know Hindi, regardless of the fact he speaks Tamil. The same is the case with most of us, we have preconceived notion about things around us and our beliefs and therefore we make no attempt to admit reality. We will have to break open our shells from the unrealistic world.

 So that’s it. Hope u guys dint doze off reading it…


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