Weekend Fun v1

I was thrilled about this weekend as myself and Arvi were going to visit my hometown to see my parents and my cute little dogs Juno and Spiky. Arvi had to attend a wedding of his colleague in Tirunelveli and since my hometown was close by we roped in hometown visit as well for the weekend.

We had booked an AC sleeper bus by KPN travels for our travel to Madurai. I was keeping my fingers crossed that we reach safely, after the tragic incident of 22 KPN passengers being killed in a road accident just a week back.  It was quite a nightmare as we never even imagined such an accident would take place and devour these many victims, having considered KPN travels to be one of the safest modes of transport. We finally did reach Madurai safely the next morning.

Reaching home, I was pounded down by Spiky and Juno who pounced on me jumping with joy on seeing me and licking all over my face. It was overwhelming to see them after a long time. I am quiet delighted that  Arvi  who usually keeps away from Spiky and Juno has  become very friendly and caring with them of late. Mom had prepared delicious puri’s for us with aloo. After devouring the heavy breakfast all we wanted to do was to take a sound sleep to refresh ourselves.  After my nap, I prepared Vaangi Bath powder ( that I learnt from my mother in law) for my mom, since the dish was pretty new to her.

Later in the evening Arvi wanted to see Thirumalainayakar Mahal. I had told him that Director Maniratnam being a native of Madurai, does ensure that at least a single shot of all his films will be shot in Madurai. Songs in movie Bombay, Guru are few of his movies that captured the beauty and majesty of Thirumalainayakar mahal through his lens. Thirumalainayakar Mahal is one of the beautiful architectural structures standing today that were built by King Thirumalai Nayak.

We learnt that, the palace had an evening light and sound show that accentuates the beauty of the palace and also elucidates of the history of the King. We were eager to watch the show, but to be frank the show dint live up to our expectations especially after seeing numerous such shows in Facebook and You tube these days. Later that night we watched the movie Avan Evan.

The next day we started to Courtallam falls, after attending the wedding. We never expected so much water in the falls but to our amazement the falls was its in full glory. There wasn’t much of crowd, so we were left loose and undisturbed to soak in the beauty of the falls. We felt bolts of water thudding on us like rock boulders easing us from all body aches that we had. It was such a refreshing bath we had and never had the mind to leave the falls. But everything has to come to an end and so did our journey. We hurried back to catch our bus back to Chennai that night, parting from my cute little family.


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