180 – No Rules

It’s said that women take more time to get dressed up but that isn’t the case always. There are times when this turns vice versa. I was waiting for more than an hour for my hub to get dressed for us to go out for dinner. Few strands of his hair dint obey him despite dabbing in loads of his favorite styling gel.  After laborious effort he gave up and finally we stepped out.

Least did we have an idea to go for a movie after dinner since we do not venture out at night for movies in weekdays often. But yesterday being in no mood to settle down at home, out of the blue we decided to head to Sathyam Theatres to watch any descent movie that had ticket availability. The only flick that caught our eye was 180 starring Siddarth and Priya Anand. I remembered my friends warning me not to watch this movie even if it was for free. Never mind they hardly had good taste for movies, Aayirathil Oruvan was a below mediocre film for these dull heads. Then imagine how good critics they could be.

Well we settled for the movie and it all started well with Siddarth’s slow motion entry with a sober face. Hmm I don’t think I should be telling you the story since there is no such thing existing in the movie. The camera man has attempted desperately to lure the audience through his slow motion videos throughout the movie but all in vain. Too much of anything is good for nothing. It holds true while you watch this extremely icky and arid song completely picturized in slow motion. You could easily get bored by the tiresome interminable screenplay in just 20 to 30 mins of watching the movie. At a point you would start praying “No more songs God!! Please!!”

The debutant director Jayendra endeavored to make the plot serious in the latter half of the movie by pronouncing Siddarth a cancer patient who elopes from his wife just to see her happy and not to torment her with his distress. On the verge of doing so he ends up meeting the second heroin Nithya Menon, who eventually falls in love with him. Meanwhile Siddarth does all possible stuff on earth like ironing dresses, delivering newspaper, offering a ride for a destitute granny, becoming a Sundal vendor in the beach, helping for the education of the newspaper selling kids etc etc all that the director could possibly imagine of and get the audience vexed. Later Nithya Menon learns that he is a married chap and rest is history.

 The only relief in the movie is Nithya Menon’s innocent presence and romance in the movie contrary to the over acting of Priya Anand which is annoying. Siddarth has proved his mettle again as an actor in the movie but that doesn’t do any favor to the exceptionally slow screenplay. The message that the director has tried conveying is “cancer patients stay from your loved ones and let them lead a happy life”.

In all to sum up, I stand by my friends, if you do not regret wasting 3 hours of your valuable time you are welcome to watch movie 180 in all its glory.


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