ATM Blunder

It turned out to be  plesant day in the begining as we were to get our salary credited for the month. With loads of excitement I had already drafted a shopping mission that has to be accomplished in the evening. Being reminded of the big list of items I had to purchase i started off early in the evening from office. Its always fun shopping in the start of the month as soon as you receive ur fresh salary.

I reached home by 7 p.m. though I started by 5:30 p.m. from office. Still I took no time to refresh as I don have much time left  for shopping. My hubby refused to join me as he was so glued to his cricket match.  Never mind you dont need them when your atm card is with you..;-). off I went and caught an auto to T.Nagar. I dint have enough cash in hand so I wanted to withdraw some money in the ATM. I asked the auto driver to stop by any nearest atm. he did but only after he reached T.Nagar.I promptly entered my pin when asked by the atm machine. The machine replied- incorrect pin. How could it be.. I knew the pin byheart. the second attempt also failed. and the third . only then i realized the pin was correct but not that of this card. Oops but it was too late for my realization the card had  got blocked already and  so did my shopping spree.It was already 9 and  i caught another auto and returned back home having  caught just a glipse of bustling T.Nagar.

Its so mean that you have to wait for another 24 hrs for the card to get activated again. why dont the banks release the card after it is authenticated by the owner. why do we have to wait for 24 hrs for a silly (not that silly) blunder? Though its a safety measure it is also a nuisance for genuine sloppy customers like me!!!!


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