Do you Gossip????

If there is an interesting time pass for women that they even forget their beloved soaps pass by, it could only be gossiping. I am sorry to say this being a woman myself, but I can’t help it but admit that almost 90% of women’s integral part has become gossiping. All sectors of women fall into this trap, be it a working professional or a house wife. It’s become their birth right.

I really don’t understand what happiness they draw out of back biting, manipulating spoken words, and characterizing people. Are they really aware of the consequences of their act or is it done unintentionally? Whatever be the reason given to justify this act, the aftermath of it is always irreparable damage to ones reputation. Least do the ladies bother to realize what would happen if the same backfires at them.

Women who are usually considered the most responsible, caring, affectionate and matured of the two genders fail to stand tall when it comes to displaying the same attributes towards their fellow neighbors, colleagues and other family members excluding their immediate family. Women who take multiple avatars such as daughter, wife, mother, sister, grandma, lover, girl friend etc also are versatile at camouflaging themselves behind the mask of a gossiper that shatters many people’s lives, relationship and costs much more. It would have become too late to apologize when they realize their mistake and repent.

I do not blame all women but it’s not surprising to see humungous crowd of them falling into this category. My request to my fellow women friends are to be true to the relationship they have with anyone and be straight forward in expressing your views and sort differences out rather being a coward and back biting. Being a transparent person by heart makes life easier and brings happiness to you and others. Be devoid of jealousy and rivalry. Be content with what you have and spread love.

Love yourself for what you are … Be ORIGINAL!!!


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