Adieu Pondy Bazaar

Riots of colors, throng of people bustling through the markets, rows of flowers being strung to garland, array of stuff toys all through the way, loads of options for slippers, belts, ornaments, clothing to choose from are the fond memories that we have of Pondy bazaar.

A visit to the Pondy bazaar was a must to any visitors who land in Chennai or for the locals to shop for, for any special occasion. I have memories of myself shopping for matching ear rings, bangles, slippers and rubber bands for the dresses I used to purchase. This served as a one stop accessory shop for people of all stature.  This was also a place where you could put to trial your bargaining skills, the better you were at it the lesser you had to pay for the stuff you pick.

In my recent visit to Chennai, I was more than eager to visit and shop in Pondy Bazaar having my wish list all set. But to my dismay after landing there I just found remains of those shops which were scrapped from the place they once adorned. I am sure that everyone who visited this place during its reign would have had fond memories to cherish. It’s not just the shops that everyone misses but it’s the vibe, the atmosphere, the mood and of course the chaos that you get instantly you land in this place.

Bidding adieu to the shopper’s haven – Pondy Bazaar.


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