Prevention is better than cure

I could always recollect me having a healthy supple skin and could never remember of days where I was overtly concerned about skin problems like acne, very dry skin,breakouts etc. But things started taking a paradigm shift post my delivery . I started noticing my skin undergoing a lot of changes it becoming dry, itchy to bring very sensitive. Since I never had a history of skin issues my skin care routine had always been very basic and minimal over the years, which is to wash my face using any face wash, moisturize. And I never stuck to one brand earlier as I love to experiment new brands n never held myself back a moment thinking am I putting my skin into a lot of trouble. But now after all these changes creeped up I don’t dare to experiment any more.


That being said, there came a fateful day when I fell sick and took few pills to which I got allergic to. I woke up the next day to see my face on the mirror completely bloated and unidentifiable. It was such a night mare how my face swelled up over night. The irony is the time taken for your body to react to adverse effect is always inversely proportional to the time taken for it to revive back at times it never returns back to normalcy. I too was shit scared as what would happen if my face never returns back to the old me. Not only did my face swell but I also did have dark patches most part of my face. I had to consult the doctor immediately and I had to brave myself to step out with this monsterly transformed face. Fortunately I got a lady doctor who consulted me and she completely understood what I’m going through. She put me at ease asking me not to worry and I would get back to normal soon. I trusted her and so badly wished that came true.

I was prescribed with hydrocortisone cream and allergy relief tablets. Like I said it takes so much time and patience for the skin to revive from all the damage done. My skin started peeling and for days my facial skin used to feel like it’s gonna tear apart with do much dryness. Alongside this I also had such an itchy face with peeling skin I used to feel so let down and inconsolable. Slowly after reduced using hydrocortisone and replaced it by using E45 and coconut oil. I literally used to splash my face with coconut oil and it was such a blessing in disguise. My skin started drinking coconut oil like a desert that was denied rainfall. I started slowly noticing changes the itchiness reduced and so did the dry skin. Though now skin now hasn’t become as supple as earlier its so much better and thanks to coconut oil it has made my skin a lot brighter. That’s a small perk I received for taking good care of my skin for the past few days.

This whole experience had been such an eye opener for me to realise how much we play around and experiment our body using various unnatural methods and chemical cosmetics products, slimming drinks etc. We continue doing this because our body is tolerating all this and there would certainly come a day like I had when the body could no longer resist and hit us back. Prevention is better than cure and I learnt this valuable lesson the hard way.


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