DIY Self watering seed starting tray

It’s been ages I posted any article in my blog. Let’s not get into details of why. Here’s something that I wanted to share with you guys. I came across a sachet of cucumber seeds while I was shopping in Auchan and I couldn’t resist getting them.  I dint want to sow them in a big container since I am a balcony gardener and space is a constraint like many of you guys out there. Also dint want to spend on getting a seed tray.

Why not make my own. I dint need anything fancy looking, just wanted something that would serve the purpose. Here is a simple diy seed starting tray that I made, which hardly took me 20 mins to prepare.


These are the items that are readily available at your home to make one:

  1. A  plastic container with a lid ( I used an empty plastic sweet box)
  2. Few disposable plastic/paper cups
  3. A pair of Scissors
  4. Coco peat and water

Using your scissors start making as many holes that could accommodate your plastic cups on the lid of the container. Ensure that the holes being made on the lid are a little smaller than the circumference of the plastic cups coz you do not want to completely immerse them in water. It’s not necessary to drill perfect circles on the lid just ensure that the plastic cups fit in the holes made.

Then make small pores at the bottom of the plastic cups for drainage and for the roots to protrude. I did mine by heating a small knife which would melt the plastic on making contact. Start making small pores using the tip of the hot knife/scissors.


Now you could start adding in the soil and plant your seeds in the plastic cups. Place all the plastic cups in the lid and fill in the container with water. Now close the lid of the water filled container. You now have a seed starting tray with self watering system enabled.