Review : Hollister Hayden Perfume

I’m not an expert at reviewing perfumes, but sure do know to pick the perfect ones to suit a given occasion. Yesterday I had been shopping the Reading Oracle center to buy some dresses for my India trip and was drifting through the Hollister store where I tried their perfume range and body mist. I was very impressed with the Hayden perfume.


It comes in a cute bottle with a string of cute beads and the Hollister signature logo and its priced at £25, which is well worth the price. It is small enough to fit in your travel case perfectly.



It has a sweet, floral scent with notes of mandarin, lotus blossom and cedar wood. Its a very feminine  breezy scent that makes you feel so sophisticated. I literally loved the scent the moment i tested it and wanted it to add to my perfume collection. It lasts longer but definitely not a 24 hour long lasting scent and definitely not one that is very heavy smelling. Its a mild perfume, and if you are one who is happy with the scent just lingering by you giving you that aura its a perfect one to buy. I would prefer wearing it during the evenings leaving you with an ethereal  whiff. In all this is my current favorite and perfect buy for the Spring.



That Office Canteen

Are you the one who has food in your office canteen.  If so, I would love love love to hear from you. How do you find the food to be?  Delicious, Tasty, Ok Ok, Edible???  Ufff.. Its been 10 years that I started working and trust me I have worked in various offices right from the start-up to the big giants and in various cities as well. I have not found a single office which caters decent food.  The standard of food  these food caterers serve are too low, often I skip food rather than having to eat it. The most hilarious aspect of this, is the caterers are so gutsy to know your feedback, post serving that horrid food.  Through these years I have seen many food stalls in office canteen that come and go, some looks so awful that just looking at it you will get the warning signal not to try it. Some make ardent effort to make the food look delicious and inviting that you fall prey to its looks and the moment to take a bite you know where you have landed..worst scenarios are where we did find bugs in the food, even post which there is no change.



My Canteen’s food today

Is it so tough to offer people basic healthy food that tastes good?  We don’t ask you for Michelin standard food, but something that I can eat and know I wouldn’t get a health issue the next day. Come one, we are the poor lot who can’t afford to cook at home on a regular basis due to various reasons. That serves as an advantage to these caterers who believe that no matter what, they still have people who consume what they have to offer, simply because we have odd work times, other commitments etc. To add to all this pain, most office are located in very remote areas where there are no other food alternatives like a good restaurant.

What do you think is a solution to such low standard unhygienic bland food that is thrown on our face everyday in office. Don’t we have an option, other than cooking ourselves? Have heard few saviors who provide healthy food options, at very high cost though. Are there any exceptions or is the cafeteria in your office good. Would love to know.

My Current Andriod Games

July 14th was my Birthday and I was taken aback by a sweet surprise given by my hub. He gifted me a Samsung Galaxy Ace. It has Android technology in it, which made me even happier. I could download any number of games since it has 32 GB extendable memory. I instantly browsed through the Andriod market to check out what games I could download in my new gadget.  Here is a list of few games that I am currently playing in my Galaxy Ace.

  1. Air Control Lite: 

 It’s a simple yet very addictive game where you supposedly play an air traffic controller and help the air crafts land safely on ground. The game begins in a slow pace where will you have to land 4 to 5 air crafts at a time but later this complicates where you will have almost 20 or more aircrafts circling above that requires you to land them safely without collision. My top score so far has been 200 safe landing.  It has a total rating of 4.5 stars for 5, which is quiet valid.

2.  Mouse Trap: This game requires little patience and logical thinking. But I wouldn’t say it’s an addictive game. But it’s a good game for time pass. In this game you will have to rescue a mouse from the laboratory by clearing way for it. It’s a game worth trying. It has more levels; I believe 1900 so you will not be bored by playing repetitively over the same levels. My rating for this game would be 4 for 5.

 3. Yoo Ninja:

 I love this game especially because it’s very agile. This is a gravity based game where the player needs to race between obstacles and also avoids being killed by darts, pulled down by gravity or being sucked abyss. I love spending my time hooked to this game. There are many similar games as well like Fruit Ninja, Ninja Go. Nin Jump etc which I am yet to have hands on. Well I would rate it 4.5 for 5.

4. Labyrinth Lite: You will have to control and guide a steel ball amidst the mazes to its final destination. This game I would say was addictive to me until I completed all the levels which I did in no time. It just took me less than a day where I installed the game completed all levels and uninstalled it again. There are not many levels in free edition. I would give it a rating of 3.5 for 5. 

5. Action Potato: It’s simplest of all games that anyone could play and not very interesting for me. I play it every now and then whenI am bored of all the other games. You will have to catch potatoes that are thrown from same direction with pots and you lose your pot if you catch a blue potato. If you lose all 3 pots your game ends. But you can retrieve your pots by catching hearts that are thrown along with potatoes. My rating for it would be 3 on a scale of 5.

6. Basket Ball shot: It’s a great game. Neither too hard nor too easy to play. You will have to accurately basket the said number of balls within the given time to move to further levels. Its quiet addictive I would say. I would give it a 4 for 5.

 So that was my list of games that I am playing currently. My favorite among this list, rite now would be Air control lite and Yoo Ninja. Let me know what your favorite games are in the android world?

180 – No Rules

It’s said that women take more time to get dressed up but that isn’t the case always. There are times when this turns vice versa. I was waiting for more than an hour for my hub to get dressed for us to go out for dinner. Few strands of his hair dint obey him despite dabbing in loads of his favorite styling gel.  After laborious effort he gave up and finally we stepped out.

Least did we have an idea to go for a movie after dinner since we do not venture out at night for movies in weekdays often. But yesterday being in no mood to settle down at home, out of the blue we decided to head to Sathyam Theatres to watch any descent movie that had ticket availability. The only flick that caught our eye was 180 starring Siddarth and Priya Anand. I remembered my friends warning me not to watch this movie even if it was for free. Never mind they hardly had good taste for movies, Aayirathil Oruvan was a below mediocre film for these dull heads. Then imagine how good critics they could be.

Well we settled for the movie and it all started well with Siddarth’s slow motion entry with a sober face. Hmm I don’t think I should be telling you the story since there is no such thing existing in the movie. The camera man has attempted desperately to lure the audience through his slow motion videos throughout the movie but all in vain. Too much of anything is good for nothing. It holds true while you watch this extremely icky and arid song completely picturized in slow motion. You could easily get bored by the tiresome interminable screenplay in just 20 to 30 mins of watching the movie. At a point you would start praying “No more songs God!! Please!!”

The debutant director Jayendra endeavored to make the plot serious in the latter half of the movie by pronouncing Siddarth a cancer patient who elopes from his wife just to see her happy and not to torment her with his distress. On the verge of doing so he ends up meeting the second heroin Nithya Menon, who eventually falls in love with him. Meanwhile Siddarth does all possible stuff on earth like ironing dresses, delivering newspaper, offering a ride for a destitute granny, becoming a Sundal vendor in the beach, helping for the education of the newspaper selling kids etc etc all that the director could possibly imagine of and get the audience vexed. Later Nithya Menon learns that he is a married chap and rest is history.

 The only relief in the movie is Nithya Menon’s innocent presence and romance in the movie contrary to the over acting of Priya Anand which is annoying. Siddarth has proved his mettle again as an actor in the movie but that doesn’t do any favor to the exceptionally slow screenplay. The message that the director has tried conveying is “cancer patients stay from your loved ones and let them lead a happy life”.

In all to sum up, I stand by my friends, if you do not regret wasting 3 hours of your valuable time you are welcome to watch movie 180 in all its glory.