Our Flawed Education System

Tare Zameen Par was a movie that moved every audience even the ones with the thickest of skins.¬†As you know that movie was about a kid who suffered dyslexia and struggled through our education system. I strongly believe that not only was it a struggle for some one with difficulty but our education system is equally a struggle for everyone who goes through and went through it. I spent my whole childhood and up until 21 years of age not knowing what I was studying but just bein told to believe that successful completion of this journey would enable me to land in a prospective career. So education to me and to many of us was a tool to survive and not a platform to acquire knowledge. Our whole society has embedded this thought deep within us that we must and should secure highest grade possible. This pressure is vested upon students right from the day they join the school, that rather than enjoying their learning they emerge as mere rank scoring machines who would just scan the book cover to cover rather than the contents. This is such a pathetic situation that students who don’t prefer going through this rat race are deemed inefficient and sidelined.

The whole education system has become a mafia that aims at sourcing money from the common man. There can be no end to this topic, as it’s spun around so many complexities and various parasites who benefit from the system who have altered the whole mindset of people about education, making them believe that it’s a race/competition where everyone should win. The precious childhood of our children are lost in mugging up the books rather than imagining, visualizing and observing the contents. Can’t blame our kids since the subjects are thought with an intent to score marks than alluring the students into the fascinating world of science or mathematics. It’s no wonder that after so many years of independence that India still struggles to promote make in India, as we as a country lack creative leaders. Unless everyone in our system changes right from our parents, the teachers, our society and our education system we can’t provide meaningful education to our children. It’s high time to stop looking at what the education could yield to ones future, to creating a learning experience that nurtures the students.