Must haves while flying with toddlers

I now know how tedious it could be flying with toddlers as I just went through it all alone and 9 hours on flight is no joke. Also it’s not just the travel time that you need to be worried about but the whole process from check-in to check out. Luckily I did do a little research prior my travel on how to keep my little now entertained for few hours which is a life saver.


So here’s my top list of must haves while you travel with your toddler. Any of these items could keep them contained for a max of 15 mins post which you will have to keep alternating with a new one
1. Drawing board: ¬†I found mine at Harrods (in heathrow airport) and it costed me about 10 pounds. It’s worth every penny as the pen is attached to the board and you are saved from the strain of having to pick up the pen every time your kid drops it. And it also comes with a magic eraser that erases with just a swipe and a book attached to it. This kept my son busy for some time. I would definitely recommend it.
2. Stickers: I dint take with me a sticker book to reduce weight but just took some sticker sheets and my son whiled away time pasting it from one sticker pad to the other.
3. New Lego toys : buying new toys for the travel was a huge savoir as toddlers with the surprise element keeps them occupied for a while until they explore it and meddle with it till their hearts content.
4. Snacks : this comes handy when they become cranky. I opted for healthy snacks like dried carrots, apples, ellas fruit smoothies, banana rings and some chocolates to bribe him from crying. Avoid yogurt and dairy food as its prohibited to be carried while check-in and also it becomes a lot messier. Finger foods are the best and safe bet. In flight it’s more important to keep them settled and comfortable rather than trying to fill their stomach with their regular food. So less is more.
5. Co-passenger: striking a friendly conversation with your co passengers could come handy as they might come to your rescue in distracting your toddlers attention in case they whine. In my case my co passenger was very friendly that I was able to leave him with her for me trips to loo or a bottle refill. But thing to be noted is they are strangers and we must be doubly careful before you trust anyone with your kid.
6. Take off and landing: these are the two most stressful times for toddlers and this can be eased by letting them have a bottle of milk as sucking it calms them from the air pressure.  Luckily for me my son feel asleep at both take off and landing.
These are few tips that worked for me, hope it might come handy to you. Please share any other tips that you might know of, that might help in my return trip.