Things I never got to do

Being a mom is a 24/7 role and we hardly get any time to spare for ourselves leave alone thinking for getting pampered. Regardless of whether you are a working mom or a home maker the rules still remains the same. But there are those precious moments everyone gets when your toddler falls asleep. It feels like the almighty had pitied on your sorry state and showered temporary mercy. So this is the time when we should make the best use of. Do all the stuff that we always wanted and longed to do.


My little one just fell asleep after hours of cajoling. At once my ever active mind starts thinking instantaneously of all tasks that I could accomplish during this precious bail out that I just received ..what shall we do now:

  1. It’s been ages I got some good sleep..Let’s take a quick power nap
  2. now is the time to pamper myself applying a face and hair mask. I’m looking like an aunty already
  3. Why don’t I prepare dinner now so I get more free time later
  4. Better to do the laundry now
  5. Kitchen is a mess.needs cleaning
  6. let me scribble down the grocery list else he would never let me pen it down when he’s awake
  7. Let’s speak to mom. Been a while now
  8. I hardly have any good dress. Every single dress is ruined with baby food. Let’s find something online and order it
  9. I need to create a playlist in my mobile to listen to when I’m stressed
  10. No let me browse some baby food recipes.. He hardly eats anything
  11. Let’s download that fitness app first..first thing first need to get back in shape

My mobile beeps.. Twitter update.. ‘6 things I never do now’ by mommy diaries .. What on earth could that be.. Is she missing that same stuff as I’m.. Let’s read that first..then it’s ‘five must have mommy things’ ..’10 things in my bag vlog’..’my skincare routine vlog’..’15 things you must do before you die’ holy crap.. ‘how to peel an orange’……… N my son wakes up with a loud cry.