Dumbo’s Life Hacks

I ordered a wooden storage rack in amazon a week ago for my kitchen. This was a ladder type of a rack that looked super awesome. Don’t get me wrong that I have some sense of interior decoration.. I happen to see my sister buy that for her kitchen and so i just did what all software engineers do.. copy paste.. lol..

Again as you know, the problem that a s/w engineer face, the code that you copy after hours of googling, never works for your programme and throws up some stupid error which you take ages to solve or sometimes annoys you so badly that you start trusting your skill to write a code yourself.. DISASTER.. The same happened with me.. Pumped up by the look of the elegant storage rack I just amazoned and got the exact same one.. voila.. I spent the entire week dreaming how my kitchen is gonna dramatically turn around and how the storage rack is gonna solve all my kitchen clutter and add that oomph to my kitchen.. The rack did arrive today.. and I assembled it with using all my carpentry skills. Though it took longer than i assumed to get that assembled it was worth the time and effort.. It looked so cool.I carried it with all my might , its a four tier rack mind you, to the kitchen to place it on the kitchen table.. ERRRRKKKKK.. The rack doesnt fit between the ceiling and the kitchen table.. ohhhh nooo.. I ordered it all the way from Germany and to return it and get my refund.. just thinking of disassembling the ladder .. what have I done to myself…

Amidst all this chaos came my hubby, i wonder how he smells trouble whenever  I mess up badly.. he is always there at the end . to do an examination of the whole incident to identify who is the convict. I’m always the one who gives this smirky smile and looks like Dobby the elf post committing anything stupidly insane like this.. He asked ‘ did you take the measurements before you placed the order?’ ohhhhhhh THE MEASUREMENTS.. how did I not do that.. what on earth was I thinking.. I could only think of one reply to him ‘well… I just ASSUMED it would fit..’

I know most times we blatantly assume stuff and have opinions on things or people we hardly know, though not as stupid as something I mentioned above, which most times only causes uninvited trouble. Would love to hear such similar  incidents from you lovely people..

Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean