That Office Canteen

Are you the one who has food in your office canteen.  If so, I would love love love to hear from you. How do you find the food to be?  Delicious, Tasty, Ok Ok, Edible???  Ufff.. Its been 10 years that I started working and trust me I have worked in various offices right from the start-up to the big giants and in various cities as well. I have not found a single office which caters decent food.  The standard of food  these food caterers serve are too low, often I skip food rather than having to eat it. The most hilarious aspect of this, is the caterers are so gutsy to know your feedback, post serving that horrid food.  Through these years I have seen many food stalls in office canteen that come and go, some looks so awful that just looking at it you will get the warning signal not to try it. Some make ardent effort to make the food look delicious and inviting that you fall prey to its looks and the moment to take a bite you know where you have landed..worst scenarios are where we did find bugs in the food, even post which there is no change.



My Canteen’s food today

Is it so tough to offer people basic healthy food that tastes good?  We don’t ask you for Michelin standard food, but something that I can eat and know I wouldn’t get a health issue the next day. Come one, we are the poor lot who can’t afford to cook at home on a regular basis due to various reasons. That serves as an advantage to these caterers who believe that no matter what, they still have people who consume what they have to offer, simply because we have odd work times, other commitments etc. To add to all this pain, most office are located in very remote areas where there are no other food alternatives like a good restaurant.

What do you think is a solution to such low standard unhygienic bland food that is thrown on our face everyday in office. Don’t we have an option, other than cooking ourselves? Have heard few saviors who provide healthy food options, at very high cost though. Are there any exceptions or is the cafeteria in your office good. Would love to know.