Review : Hollister Hayden Perfume

I’m not an expert at reviewing perfumes, but sure do know to pick the perfect ones to suit a given occasion. Yesterday I had been shopping the Reading Oracle center to buy some dresses for my India trip and was drifting through the Hollister store where I tried their perfume range and body mist. I was very impressed with the Hayden perfume.


It comes in a cute bottle with a string of cute beads and the Hollister signature logo and its priced at £25, which is well worth the price. It is small enough to fit in your travel case perfectly.



It has a sweet, floral scent with notes of mandarin, lotus blossom and cedar wood. Its a very feminine  breezy scent that makes you feel so sophisticated. I literally loved the scent the moment i tested it and wanted it to add to my perfume collection. It lasts longer but definitely not a 24 hour long lasting scent and definitely not one that is very heavy smelling. Its a mild perfume, and if you are one who is happy with the scent just lingering by you giving you that aura its a perfect one to buy. I would prefer wearing it during the evenings leaving you with an ethereal  whiff. In all this is my current favorite and perfect buy for the Spring.